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This is a RED Sniper RP account. Ask box and other links at bottom of the page.

Blood drips from Bruce’s finger as he brings the fresh cut to his lips. He’s sitting in the RV’s doorway, one foot on the step and one on the ground. There are chips and flakes of wood scattered across his lap and the ground.

He still hasn’t gotten the hang of whittling. It was something he had taught himself to make basic tools and arrows, but it wasn’t until recently that he began attempting to use the skill for recreation.

The misshapen wooden figure is set aside as Bruce tends to his nicked finger. Considering the number of bandages wrapped around a few of his other digits this isn’t the first mistake of the day.

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Why do my doodles turn out better than the art I fiddle with for 8 hours….

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Anonymous said:
C'mooon Bruce. Y'know that BLU Sniper bastard got the legs for it. Not to mention that tiny lil ass. I bet you'd love it. YOUR FACE GIVES IT AWAY


That’s it! No more talk ‘bout Robert in stockings.

M’ not thinkin’ about this anymore.

M’ done.

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[[ Easter is over by now, but I wanted to draw this all day.

I like the thought of Bruce enjoying hiding little plastic eggs filled with hard candies, trail mix, or nuts in obvious places for his friends to find.

Also bilby ears. Mostly drew this for the bilby costume. ]]

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[[ oops. I bugged up my theme code, but don’t have time to fix it. ]]

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Happy Easter!

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Berezi’s brows lift, threatening to disappear under the top of her mask, but she hands the paper over without a fuss, more amused and curious as to what this ‘addition’ was, than anything. Perhaps she’d not kill the artist too slowly.

He takes the paper and presses it against a nearby wall. Withdrawing a pen from his pocket, he scribbles across the page adding a few features he finds necessary.

When he hands the paper back a messy drawing of a lizard accompanies the original sketch of the spy.

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"Well, whoever drew eet," she held the page up next to her face to garner a comparison, face deadpan, "I theenk they captured my essence fairly well. What about you?"

Bruce steps back a foot and gives both the picture and the spy a scrutinizing look. “Hm. S’ close, but I think it’s missin’ something.”

He holds out a hand, asking for the paper. “Allow me.”

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redsnipah replied to your post:
"Found it posted in the kitchen."
“Good to know,” she mumbled as she turned it over, looking for a signature or some means of finding out whose this was.
"Did the artist sign their masterpiece?"

"Don’t know. I couldn’t find any kind of signature." He rolls his shoulders in a shrug.

"It was just sittin’ out in the open."

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That a threat?

Hardly. It is a comment.

Ten did not do us enough good.

What d’ yeh suggest then?

More locks? ‘Cause ten is an absurd amount already.

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