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This is a RED Sniper RP account. Ask box and other links at bottom of the page.


Well, wasn’t this familiar. It didn’t help that Bruce was roughly the same height as the man she was hiding across the world from.
For each step the Sniper took, she now took an extra one in the other direction. With hands bundled up to her chest as if to shield herself, her voice is very wobbly when she replies.
   ”St-stop it.

Bruce huffs, dissatisfied with the submissive and shaken response. He backs down with a rolling shrug of the shoulders,

"You’re a real mess." There’s a judgmental tone in his voice, as if she’s somehow disappointed him.

"Just know, I won’t be so nice if we meet durin’ battle." Because threateningly invading someone’s space is nice, apparently.

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[[ My birthday is this weekend so be prepared for me to be even less active coming saturday and sunday. ]]

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Meet the Grump


The Spy blinked, having not expected him to so easily take her offer without any sort of groaning. The bag was a little heavy, but she heaved it over her own shoulder and followed him. He was heading far from her room, but she supposed he preferred it away from the others. She had tried to accomplish the same, but an irritating Spy had decided to take the room practically beside hers.

"F7," she murmured, frowning slightly. Yes, it certainly wasn’t a set-up like before, but at least they each had their own space. No pesky significant others showing up unannounced, no being locked out of the room due to said significant other, no random bouts of alcoholism that spread empty beer bottles about the floor…

Somewhere deep in her mind, she kind of missed the company, but she would never admit it.

"Did you have anything else you need carried in?"

"Yeah. I’ve still got a trunk in my RV that needs t’ be brought in n’ a few weapons, but that can wait for a bit." He opens the room door, taking a few steps in and looking around. It’s small. Well, not as small as it feels, but when one lives on the road any stationary living quarters are going to feel small. At least there’s a window. Remembering himself, he stands aside to let his old roommate follow in.

"You can put the bag on the bed for now." He motions with the arm in the sling, it must not be as hurt as it appears for him to keep moving around so much.

He continues the personal tour of the room, sauntering around the space like a caged animal before sitting at the desk chair, both to settle himself and test the comfort of the seat.

"S’ be a while, mate. M’ guessin’ you’d like a catch up a bit?" Bruce smiles, leaning to prop his non-cradled arm across his knees, a child at story time. He’s really the one that wants to catch up.

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Weekly Update: October 11th


Battle Results [ October 6 - October 10 ]

Monday: BLU
Tuesday: RED
Wednesday: RED
Thursday: BLU
Friday: RED

Winning team: Reliable Excavation Demolition.


  • Holden Fitzpatrick
  • Bruce
  • Dr.Cabhan O’Shea


  • Finnigan Strickland
  • Sheila O’Kelly
  • Dalton Smith
—cut for length—
Heh. My first week here n’ I’m toppin’ the charts.
I’ve still got it.

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Track Name: Feeling Good
Artist: Muse
Album: Origin of Symmetry


Feeling Good - Muse

One of the greatest songs to ever grace our speakers, brilliantly covered by one of the most revolutionary bands on the face of this planet.

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[[ Hey let’s play the “Bruce’s mod is drinking let’s see how long they can keep typing coherently” game! ]]

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Anonymous said:
total dweeb in all the best ways, 10/10. also, your colour scheme is magnificent, very appealing to the eye aaaaaannnnnd your art, dear god your art. literally everything about your blog and muse does not require any kind of improvement - sincerely an obscenely lamentable fuckbiscuit


shit I wanst’ supposed to reply…. fuck it I don’t care, ive been drinking.

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anonymously send me your opinion about me and my roleplaying and i will post it without replying

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As the Sniper steps towards her, the girl visibly tenses and takes a step backwards to put the distance between them once more.

"I-it’s a p-pretty quiet b-base," Sheila murmured, her stammer worse than usual in light of the tension. "M-most ‘f us seem t’ b-be, uh… ‘C-Colourblind’."

"That’s a good thing t’ you? Bein’ all buddy-buddy with the blokes that look forward t’ splatterin’ your insides across the battlefield?" He takes another step, imposing his towering demeanor over the little BLU engineer.

"I think it’s bloody stupid of ya."

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