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This is a RED Sniper RP account. Ask box and other links at bottom of the page.

Anonymous said:
If you're still doing the palette thing... TF2 Sniper in #100? I love your drawings!


Thank you dear anon! ♥ Here’s your Sniper~ 

I got few more to finish up, but they will have to wait for tomorrow/later this week! ♥ I had LOTS OF FUN making these~

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For those of you wondering just how awful a person I am, well, here you go.

Vote for me, won’t you?

You know you want it. Please vote! :D

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spies-never-compromise said:
(¬‿¬) "If I 'ave to, you 'ave to."

You too, really?

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The only thing I truly miss about that place was starin’ down my scope watching blokes like you crumple to the ground while grabbin’ your junk and screamin’ bloody murder.

I miss makin’ y’all piss blood for a week.

I miss shootin’ ice cream out of your hands when you ain’t payin’ attention.

You’re morbid, Sheila.

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No nutshots. Never again.

C’mon, Bruce.




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redsnipah replied to your post:bRUH

I thought that said Bruce for a second and I was like HUH? WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?


Come get your nutshots, Bruce


No nutshots. Never again.

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more sniper.

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Anonymous said:

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ok sorry i have to admit

while i was having a serious conversation with ela about racism i was actually drawing piss. decorative sparkly kawaii piss. 

feel free to use this for your blogs w/ credit u u everyone needs cute pee

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[[ Someone remind me to stick to sketches when I draw replies to ask memes like the last one I reblogged.

I got into coloring this first drawing and well… that should explain why I haven’t posted any replies to it yet. Tomorrow though. I should have one drawing done tomorrow.

Until then… I need more sleep to stop being sick faster. ]]

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