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This is a RED Sniper RP account. Ask box and other links at bottom of the page.



“‘E deserved it, shuddup…”

Meet Charles Robinson, aka Mister Bullseye, the were-dingo Sniper of BLU. He’s a goofy, mischievous smartass with issues in playing nice with others if they irk him or if you just happen to be another of his class. Ask as many questions as you want, he’ll try to answer them as best and as soon as he can whether through actual imagery or through words. 

[[ Hey this bloke is new. Go send the mangy mutt some questions! ]]

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Biker man!

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[[ Wow I’ve been really absent, haven’t I? Man, sorry folks.

Just having trouble focusing on written stuff lately. Also my computer has been increasingly dickish lately, working on building a desktop soon though so that will really change things around.

If there are any RP threads that I haven’t replied to and you want to keep going do feel free to give me a heads up. I can’t seem to remember anything I needed to do aside from continuing with the stripping prompt. (which I still have things to draw for and will finish eventually.)

Beyond that, what’s been going on in the rp scene? Any interesting developments or plots going on? ]]

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Anonymous said:
If you're still doing the palette thing... TF2 Sniper in #100? I love your drawings!


Thank you dear anon! ♥ Here’s your Sniper~ 

I got few more to finish up, but they will have to wait for tomorrow/later this week! ♥ I had LOTS OF FUN making these~

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For those of you wondering just how awful a person I am, well, here you go.

Vote for me, won’t you?

You know you want it. Please vote! :D

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spies-never-compromise said:
(¬‿¬) "If I 'ave to, you 'ave to."

You too, really?

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The only thing I truly miss about that place was starin’ down my scope watching blokes like you crumple to the ground while grabbin’ your junk and screamin’ bloody murder.

I miss makin’ y’all piss blood for a week.

I miss shootin’ ice cream out of your hands when you ain’t payin’ attention.

You’re morbid, Sheila.

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No nutshots. Never again.

C’mon, Bruce.




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redsnipah replied to your post:bRUH

I thought that said Bruce for a second and I was like HUH? WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?


Come get your nutshots, Bruce


No nutshots. Never again.

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more sniper.

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